Safety scan

One critical part of factory management is a focus on the safety of people, resources and the environment. Certificates and inspections ensure the safe use of equipment, the correct application of work processes and meticulous attention to safety. Ferris combines this with a focus on safe accessibility to (factory) installations. Periodic and practical safety scans provide clear and rapid insight into the state of the structures that your employees use every day. Stairs, grids, bridges, platforms - a comprehensive view of these structures allows you to easily prevent unsafe situations.

A priority on safety

Safety scans allow Ferris to depict a clear and comprehensive picture of safe accessibility. Every imperfection is identified. The final report is comprehensive and complete. In addition to photographs of each imperfection observed, we also describe the kinds of unsafe situations that could arise as a result, what repair work may be desirable or necessary and at what level of urgency. The report also includes a cost budget for all of the proposed repair work.

Repair work

Given our high level of knowledge and expertise, Ferris is also the right partner when it comes to conducting the repair work proposed in the safety scans. You can rely on the careful work of our employees, ensuring optimally safe accessibility in the factory structures.