Greenfield steel structures

Ferris designs, manufactures and assembles new steel structures. We are particularly active in the industrial, (petro) chemical, energy, food and construction sectors. Our people develop these structures in new buildings as well as in greenfields within existing plants.

Well-equipped production facilities

Ferris manufactures steel structures in its own well-equipped production facilities. In this process, we use specialised techniques and machinery. These machines are digitally controlled from our three-dimensional modelling system. Clients can rely on us to deliver accurate and high-quality work according to customer requirements and EN1090.

Quality standards and tolerance requirements are monitored and reviewed throughout every step of the production process, resulting in a high-quality product. 

Professional welders and metal workers

Ferris works with qualified welders and metal workers - people who really understand their profession. Their craftsmanship and indepth knowledge of steel structures is united with a high level of commitment for the projects they carry out.