Ten Golden Rules

I always work safely because I:

1  300_gouden_regel_1_regels_en_procedures.jpg Follow all applicable rules and procedures.
2 300_gouden_regel_2_pbm.jpg Use the required and prescribed PPE.
3 300_gouden_regel_3_ingrijpen_onveilige_situatie.jpg Intervene in unsafe situations or with regard to unacceptable unsafe behaviour.
4 300_gouden_regel_4_controle_werkgebied_op_gevaar.jpg Check my work area for risks, hazards and hazardous substances.
5 300_gouden_regel_5_valpreventie_en_bescherming.jpg Use fall prevention and protection when and where required in accordance with the guidelines.
6 300_gouden_regel_6_regels_in_verband_met_de_lasten.jpg Respect the rules in relation to handling loads and I never position myself under or near a suspended load.
7 300_gouden_regel_7_besloten_ruimte_procedure.jpg Respect the “confined space procedure”.
8 300_gouden_regel_8_adm_beleid.jpg Adhere to the alcohol, drug and medication policy.
9 300_gouden_regel_9_besturing_machines.jpg Only operate those machines for which I have followed and completed a valid training successfully.
10 300_gouden_regel_10_veiligheidsincidenten_rapporteren.jpg Report safety incidents.