Our qualified welders, metal workers and engineers truly understand their profession. Their craftsmanship and indepth knowledge of steel structures unites with a high level of commitment for the projects they carry out.

Ongoing training

Our company focus is on striving for safety, quality and efficiency. Our employees are constantly mindful of working in ways that reinforce these principles, for example, by applying the Ten golden rules. By providing ongoing training, we help increase our employees' awareness. All of our employees use proper personal protective equipment. They always take the environment into consideration and seek to protect it at any time it is required or desired.

Recognised safety and quality systems

We have implemented an integrated system for matters relating to safety, quality and the environment. We have created an optimised and safe working environment by means of procedures and protective measures. Our safety system is certified for VCA Petrochemistry. The Ferris quality system is certified in accordance with NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2008. The quality system also complies with the product requirements for delivery under class, Stoomwezen, ASME, Lloyds and other standards.

SCC Petrochemical

The Ferris safety system is certified in accordance with VCA Petrochemistry.

ISO 9001

The Ferris quality system is certified in accordance with NEN-EN ISO9001.

EN 1090

Ferris supplies steel structures in accordance with EN 1090 in execution classes EXC1, EXC2 and EXC3.

CO2 Performance Ladder

The Ferris management system for CO2-conscious trade activities is certified in accordance with the CO2 Performance Ladder.