Code of conduct

Syndus Group, consisting of Amerplastics, Arentis, Ferris and Fiberstruct, and its partners, including suppliers, distributors, agents and subcontractors, work together on solutions for its customers. Our goal is to establish relationships with business partners that share the same core values, such as reliability, customer-focus, flexibility and security. The code of conduct and the core values tell us how we deal with each other, our partners, employees and other stakeholders.

We expect our employees and our business partners to conduct themselves as described in this code of conduct when carrying out their work and when representing the Syndus Group. Violations or suspected violations of this code of conduct must immediately be reported to the Board. Measures may be taken depending on the severity of the violation, ranging from a serious conservation to termination of the (employment) relationship.

Syndus observes international standards in the field of human rights, business ethics and working conditions. The code of conduct of the Syndus Group covers the following topics: 

1. Respect for people, human rights and correct and humane working conditions

  • Safe work in a healthy environment for its own employees and those of its business partners is very important to Syndus. Syndus strives to comply with corresponding international standards and national legislation and has a policy to prevent occupational accidents and injuries. Employees are encouraged to pursue a healthy lifestyle.
  • Syndus takes its responsibility for combating discrimination very seriously. We treat employees with respect and dignity and ensure there is equality in opportunities based on competencies, regardless of race, religion, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, disability or family situation.
  • Syndus does not tolerate harassment in any form. Harassment may range from offensive remarks to inappropriate conduct towards fellow employees or staff of business partners or inappropriate use of social media and other electronic means of communication.
  • Syndus has an active policy with suitable methods and means for the prevention and combating of any form of aggression, violence, discrimination and (sexual) harassment at work.
  • Syndus respects the privacy of its current and former employees and takes the measures that are necessary to secure their personally identifiable information which is processed by or on behalf of Syndus. Syndus respects the freedom of its employees to participate in trade unions or similar associations.
  • Syndus will not use forced labour. Any use of child labour by its business partners will be reported. Business partners must comply with the rules of bodies such as UNICEF, ILO and local legislation. The relationship with these business partners will be terminated immediately in case of any violations.

2. Protecting the environment

  • Syndus strives to reduce its impact on the environment and its surroundings and to adopt a smart approach to these issues. Syndus has implemented an environmental policy and respects applicable laws and regulations in this respect.
  • Syndus will also strive to use environmentally-friendly technologies, products and services. 

3. Ethics and business integrity

  • Syndus refrains from giving gifts or making payments to inappropriately influence the business decisions of others. Offering gifts for this purpose will be considered bribes or kickbacks. This also applies to gifts or payments to ease transactions.
  • Employees of Syndus should exercise restraint when giving and receiving gifts to or from business partners. Syndus employees may not give and/or accept gifts worth more than € 75 without the express permission of their Board.
  • Syndus strives for free and fair competition and does not make any market agreements and complies with applicable statutory regulations. Syndus will process the personal data of its business partners in accordance with applicable privacy legislation.